Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pretty in Neon Pink!

I'm so excited to share this party table with you today for so many reasons. Firstly because everything turned out exactly as I wanted it to, and secondly because I feel like this kind of table is exactly what I want P11 to be all about.

It all started innocently enough. I was walking through Sam's Warehouse minding my own business when this amazing neon pink vintage looking photo frame came into my life. Initially I walked away as I had no need for it, but I just had to have it. Especially for $20. You read right, $20. I don't know why I was fighting it!

She sat in my office for a week or two while I looked forward to having a special occasion to use her for a party. And eventually I decided I had waited long enough and I went ahead and put together this party table, just because.

So, essentially I threw a party because I bought a photo frame. Doesn't everyone?!

My first step was to decide what would go with my new neon pink friend. And you know what goes with neon pink? Neon Pink! But, while I may have thrown caution to the wind and put on the party table just because, I didn't have the luxury of throwing money to the wind as well. So, my mission emerged - a budget neon pink party table.

I knew exactly where I needed to go - Dollar King. For me, it's like returning to the mother ship! But for good reason because you can get really good party stuff for a fraction of the price of the fancier shops.

So, here's what I got. Firstly, 28 paper doilies for an easy table runner for $2. Neon pink and white dotty straws (both types in the same packet) for $2. Five metres of neon pink grosgrain ribbon for $2. The Pink vases were $6 - for two!

I really feel like I should be shouting all this like a rug salesman whose stop is closing down!

When it came to serving plates and things however, my mission threatened to derail, especially when I had my heart set on more neon pink dots. But inspiration struck and my rescue came in the form of Officeworks. I bet you can't tell, but those are pink sale stickers stuck on plain white platters and a square white vase. These ones - 500 dots for $6.54. For that price, I was tempted to stick them everywhere! And they come in so many other colours, including gold, which would look really fabulous.

Product image for Avery Pink Dispenser Labels Circle 24mm Pk/500 

If you've been playing along at home, you'll recognise the roses from here, where I got 10 amazing long stemmed pink roses for $15. Cheap at double the price. I also spotted a huge bunch of white blossom for $7 from the same markets and had to have it for this table. I'm so glad I didn't fight that purchase!

The last thing to do was to dress up my new purchase and I decided to use what I had - the doilies, the ribbon and more dots! If this was an occasion, I would have maybe put in some photos of the guest of honour, some stickers spelling out a name, or used it as a whiteboard and wrote some messages in the windows. The possibilities are endless. That's my girl!!

And don't worry, I'm not forgetting the food. You'll have noticed some pink sprinkle tarts there, some vanilla iced brownie dots and the piece de resistance, a real raspberry mud cake with coconut ganache and home made white chocolate freckles. The recipes are still to come on P11 - hopefully along with more easy, budget party tables like this one!

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