Saturday, 14 September 2013

Flower Arranging P11 Style!

One of the nicest ways to pretty up a party, or make the everyday a bit special, is to buy and display some flowers. But, if you want nice ones they can be a bit expensive and if you want really nice ones, you need to have a flair for flower arranging or a big, big budget. At P11, we have neither.

So, I was really happy to come across this way of arranging flowers which is quick and easy. Ok, arranging is a big word for a non-florist. Let's say - putting flowers in a vase! Either way, I wish I had known about this method ages ago. 

All you need is a vase, some flowers and clear sticky tape. And if you want to go all out, a bit of ribbon or other decoration for the vase. When I say vase, I mean anything that will hold flowers - a tin, a bowl, a cup - anything!

The first step is to place the sticky tape in a grid pattern along the top of the vase and add water and some flower food if you have it. For this one, I had 10 roses, so I made 9 squares (and stuck two smaller ones in in one hole!).

The next step is to cut the flowers to the height you require and place them into the holes. I'm not sure if this is an urban myth or not, but I'll share it anyway. You should make sure that there are no leaves touching the water to make the flowers last longer. Can't hurt!

Then, decorate the vase with ribbon or whatever your heart desires and enjoy!

Now, I promised you these flowers were budget and you'd be rightly suspicious with the roses and all. But the cost of this whole thing was $15, I swear! I've seen the same thing for over $70 from a certain online florist so I'm well pleased with myself.

Ok, the vase and the ribbon and the sticky tape I already had at home. But, if you had to buy a vase, they are readily available at the local dollar shops and online. If you can't find one for a few dollars, we need to go shopping together so I can teach you a thing or two! 

And this wouldn't be P11 without a reference to the markets (I know, it's getting boring!), but these pink pretties are from a lovely man at Warwick Farm Trackside Markets. 10 roses for $15. I couldn't believe my eyes!

And finally, I got this idea from something I saw on Pinterest below. Without wanting to resort to a shameless plug, follow P11 here to see some other fab stuff.

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