Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shopping for a Party of 11 : The Dazzling Boutique Markets

If you have been playing along at home, you might be thinking that I should have called this blog Market of 11 or Party at the Markets or something similar because I've featured so many markets on here so far.

I should explain - but I need to keep it brief because I could go on all day! See, I suspect like many people, I'm entirely over retail shopping. Especially when it comes to gifts and special occasions. Where I live in particular, you see the same shops selling the same stuff over and over. And here's where I could really go on - you can get all that stuff much cheaper online, if you are willing to pay and wait for postage. Neither of which is ideal.

You know it's going to be a good day at the markets when Gen's lovely tea sets are the first thing you see! Read more about Parasols and Ponytails here

So, I really feel like I've unlocked the secret to finding things for special occasions - markets! Where really talented people sell lovingly created, quality items with a smile! Trying getting that at the local mall.

The trick of course is to hunt down great markets and believe me, because I tend to check out every one I hear about in the hope of finding a gem, I've had more than my fair share of disappointments. When I found out about The Dazzling Boutique Markets at Liverpool quite randomly online, I didn't hold high hopes. I mean, I'm (pretty/slightly/not really) well connected. People know I love markets. I have two sisters with kids. If it was any good, surely I would have already heard about it?

But I went along anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Really pleasantly surprised!

Can you handle the cuteness of these Blossom Lane beauties?
Check out more from Bubbles and Buttercups on Facebook.


There were about 60 or so stalls, all of which were selling handcrafted boutique items. The stalls had a definite leaning towards pretty homewares and cute children's toys and clothes, but that's what you generally visit crafty markets for - in my almost professional opinion!
So let me introduce you to some of the stalls.

You've seen the girly loveliness of Parasols and Ponytails and Bubbles and Buttercups pictured above. Well, Kazz and Owlivia have a stall fit for a princess. Literally. I'm so glad I didn't bring two certain little madams, or I would have ended up broke!


And who could walk past these amazing calico creations by Snuggles and Smiles without being delighted by the cuteness? They made me want to snuggle and smile alright!

There was literally heaps more so check out the rest of The Dazzling Boutique Markets for yourself at the Whitlam Leisure Centre Liverpool, on the 3rd Saturday of every 2nd month. Find out when the next market is on here. Parking is right outside and you'll probably need cash as there is no ATM. Inside the markets can get a little squishy at times - only because there's so much good stuff! - so leave yourself plenty of time for a good look around.

If you really can't get the markets, give each of the lovely stallholders above a shout - and have a look at what else they do - by following the links above. 

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