Sunday, 30 June 2013

P11 Blog Update - 4 months on

I hope you'll excuse my absence over the past week or so. I really can't believe it, but it has been almost four months since I had the crazy idea of trying to organise all my party related musings into a blog - my cheers, tears and ideas if you will! I thought it was time to review and plan for the next phase of P11.

So far, there's been cheers...
(Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake Breakfast Trifles)

When I first started, nearly everyone I tried to explain the concept to nodded politely with a confused look on their faces. I follow a few blogs by other people, so I knew what I was on about. But trying to explain it to someone who hasn't seen one before was hard.

Here's how it went with my Dad for example.

Dad: Are we going to eat that food or are you just going to take photos of it?

Me:  We're going to eat it, but first I have to take photos of it. I've started a website and I'm putting up recipes and party ideas online.

Dad: Why?

Me: Because people might like to see them, talk to me about them and maybe try them out.

Dad: What people?

Me: People on the internet who are organising parties or who like cooking.

Dad: Cooking what?

Me: Cooking different food for their own parties.

Dad: Are we going to eat that food or are you just going to take photos of it?

I hesitate to say I had that conversation with him a few times. But now that it's more or less up and running, I hope everyone is a little less confused!

(Thankfully, this Snickers Cheesecake came good in the end!)

Thank you to everyone who's given it a squiz online and followed on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Every day I get notification of something new and exciting happening - new followers, mentions or suggestions for future posts. I'm so glad I started it all.

My next step is to expand the site with more pages and a better layout, and I hope to have a bit more about putting on a whole whizbang event, rather than just the food and recipes that are up there to date. To my taste testers at the office, don't worry - I can't stay out of the kitchen for long!

...and ideas. As promised.
(These are easy homemade Cronuts, which I'll stick up soon)

Why am I telling you all this? Firstly, so that you can see where it's going and hopefully stick with the blog. We're all in this crazy caper together, right? But also, because I'm testing out the theory that you have more chance of sticking to a plan if you tell people what you are going to do. This is my plan.

So, we'll check back in another four months and see how we are going then. In the meantime, here's cheers (tears and ideas)!! Love to you all.

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