Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Wednesday Wishlist: Hot Metallics for Cold Weather Entertaining {With 96 Styles, Gnome Sweet Gnome and Inkkit}

One of my favourite lines in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada is when Miranda/Meryl cuts down that poor fashion bunny, saying "Florals? For spring? Ground breaking."

Now, I'm no expert on whether it is a fashion faux pas to do florals in spring, and whether you have to stick to warm woodsy colours in the winter, but I do know that I love this stuff from Inkkit, Gnome Sweet Gnome and 96 Styles and think that they would make great additions to any party table for the winter months. And thankfully that's enough to qualify for The Wednesday Wishlist this week!


Galvanised Cake Stands

You might have gotten a little hint from my Pinterest Board about Cake Stands that I'm in love with them, and the odder the better. Note to self: make up an excuse to buy the horse's head cake stand!

These Galvanised Cake Stands from 96 Styles are a bit odd, but not in a creepy octopus-legs way. In a way that I haven't seen them before and I must have them immediately for my winter table. They are a fabulous muted colour for the cold months and perfect for rustic winter cakes and pies. Or you could make them into a permanent table centrepiece with winter fruits and flowers. There, now you have no excuse not to get one!

Inkkit Stationary and Packaging

It might also come as no surprise to you that I spend a fair bit of time looking at pretty party things online. I've realised however that it's a sure sign that I have found something a bit special when I immediately start thinking about what I can use those pretty party things for.

That's exactly what happened when I came across the Etsy shop Inkkit recently. The hard thing was deciding which items out of their range to feature so we're not all completely overwhelmed with the fabulousness!

Now, you clever people can probably think of a million ways to incorporate them into your winter entertaining, but I immediately thought of party favours. For an easy "thank you for braving the cold and visting us on these wintry nights" present, grab a paper bag from Inkkit's range, fill it with caramels, marshmallows and other wintry treats and tie up the pencil and bag with twine or ribbon, also available from the shop. Easy, cost-effective and cute!

Gold Animal Swizzle Sticks and Candle Holders

From my frequent references to Etsy, you'll also have figured out that I love rummaging around on that site for interesting and unusual party pieces and homewares.  And these gold animal candles and swizzle sticks from Gnome Sweet Gnome Shop certainly fit that bill. I mean, how bloody cute are they?

I'm particularly in love with the candle holders. They would be perfect on a simple birthday cake for adults or kids. Just choose wisely, Grandma might not take too kindly to a pack of gorillas on her 90th birthday cake! What is a pack of Gorillas called by the way? Anyway, note to self: I need those sea creature candles to go with the octopus legs cake stand! 

Finally, a quick word about Wishlist Wednesday. This is purely a collection of random finds for a great party. No gifts or payment is received by P11 for including them on the list. If your item is listed above, I'd love to hear from you - and thank you for making and selling such great stuff! 

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  1. Aw, thank you so much for including my Etsy shop items on your list! So cute!