Monday, 2 September 2013

Donuts for Dad

In our Party of 11, there are 3 Daddies to celebrate with on Father's Day. No, I'm not involved in some reverse Sister Wives thing! There's Grandad, and my two brothers-in-law.

So it always takes some creative thinking to come up with ideas for their special day. Grandad is into golf, but the other two aren't. The other two are into car racing, but Grandad isn't. And they say all men are the same!

Thankfully there are a few things that they all like - like donuts and beer and hot dogs and hamburgers. And bacon. There are no airs and graces around P11 HQ - trust me!

So this was a perfect time to make a donut tower cake, which I'd seen a few versions of floating around online. For ours however, I wanted a shiny glaze dripping down a mountain of donuts. And holy Homer Simpson, it worked beautifully!

Donuts, balloons and a bucket of beer does a happy Daddy make!

And it was unbelievably easy to make too. I ordered the donuts from my local bakery - hello Waminda Bakery! - who probably thought I was a bit nuts ordering 18 donuts with no icing, sugar or cinnamon on them! I then arranged the donuts on a cake stand and drizzled a green tinted glaze over the top. The donuts are light enough to balance on top of each other and the glaze keeps them stuck together, so you don't need anything to hold them up.

The glaze is also too easy. Place icing sugar in a bowl and slowly add milk until it reaches a pouring consistency. That is, one that looks thick, but pours quite quickly. Add vanilla or other flavouring to taste, and some colouring as you wish. For 18 donuts, you will need a medium bowl or 4-5 cups of glaze.

I found this guy at Dollar King. Sometimes my powers of shopping astound even me!!

The cake was finished off with these simple signs, using phrases that I found online. Until I can figure out how to post a link to them, if you would like a printable version, let me know and I'll email them to you. And because I'm lovely - obviously! - and Father's Day is now a full year away for most of us, I made you a Dad's birthday one in the same style as well.

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