Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Wednesday Wishlist: BaByQ Shower

A few weeks ago I came across this invitation from Greylein on Etsy and immediately thought it was a fantastic idea for a baby shower theme, as well as a great invitation. And judging from the amount of times it has been repinned and liked when I stuck it up on one of P11's Pinterest boards, I'm in good company.

I think I've explained this terrible affliction I have where I see something party related and can immediately imagine how I would use it should the need ever arise. What I haven't explained is the other terrible affliction I have. Where I can't remember any of that when the need actually arises!

So, at the time of pinning up the invitation, I wrote :

"Love this BaByQ Baby Shower theme. Do mini hot dogs, baby back ribs, junior burgers. Great for co-ed showers or mothers-to-be who aren't into the cutesy stuff."

This was mainly to remind myself of these ideas should I ever have an excuse to throw a BaByQ Shower. But as I've seen it being repinned over the past couple of weeks, I kept being reminded of mini bbq foods and this Wednesday Wishlist was um, born.

BaByQ Food

Not only are all of these easy and available almost ready made, but they are super tasty.
(Follow the links for Hotdogs and Hamburgers, Ribs, Salad Cups and Wings)

My first instinct was right. The only foods appropriate for a BaByQ Shower are mini hot dogs, baby back ribs, little chicken wings and junior burgers. Add some assorted small salad cups and you have a fabulous barbeque - for an impending baby birth or not.

Another baby-related touch, which has just come to me, would be to put out a range of spicy sauces and label them - from Whinge and Whimper to Terrifying Temper Tantrum. Damn, I want to organise a BaByQ Shower now!

Menu labels to match the invitation are available too by the way. Boy, I am making this easy for you this week.

Cute BaByQ Cupcakes

Those gummi bear kebabs are genius!

I know I said above that this would be a great baby shower for a mum-to-be that wasn't into the cutesy baby stuff, but you have to have a touch of cute about the day and these cupcakes by Two Busy Blondes fit the bill exactly. And you can follow the link for a how-to and all! Told you this was easy.

BaByQ Shower Favours

Try a BaByQ spice rub instead of sauce. Just make it clear its for rubbing on meat and not an actual baby! (Image via Etsy)

One of the other things that came to me when initially thinking about this BaByQ Shower was to give homemade barbeque sauce as favours, in little baby food jars. And I thought I was a genius until I started looking online and a million and one people had already done it. Don't you hate that?

I still think its a great idea, but for something different, cheap and easy I would make up a BaByQ spice rub and put that in the baby food jars. There are heaps of recipes online and require nothing more than transferring mixed spices into a bowl, stirring them and transferring them into the jars. I think we can all manage that.

Ok, so I think I've sufficiently revved myself up for a BaByQ Shower. Now I just need to find a pregnant lady. Anyone got anything to share??

Finally, a quick word about The Wednesday Wishlist. This is purely a collection of random finds for a great party. No gifts or payment is received by P11 for including them on the list. If your item is listed above, I'd love to hear from you - and thank you for making and selling such great stuff! 

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