Friday, 16 August 2013

Hello Little Sailor!

I'm going to finish off a very dramatic week with a very happy occasion. Sail into calmer seas if you will!

Last week, my sister Trish styled this fantastic nautical baby shower for her sister-in-law, Elise, who is expecting baby Harrison very soon.

And yes, that is how we talk around P11 HQ now. We use words like "styled", "matchy-matchy" and "garland" on a very regular basis!

But back to this gorgeous cake table and candy bar. Everything has been tied into the nautical theme - the anchors, the rope and the sand and shells in those glasses in the back. I have no idea how she rustled those up. There must be a beach in the Macarthur area I've never heard of!

Trish tells me pretty much everything on the table came from our local dollar shops, and the cake and other treats were all homemade. The signs and tags were also free printables found online. As we well know by now, that all scores major points around P11.

I think I'm going to have to put her on the payroll!



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