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Shopping for a Party of 11 : Something for the Kiddos {Cobbitty Village Markets - Part Deux!}

So how did we enjoy the first Cobbitty Village Markets post? I really hope that, if you are able, I've convinced you to give the markets a go. It really is a great morning out and there is a lot of fabulous stuff available. Literally tonnes more than I've been able to cover on this blog.

I also hope that I've convinced you to seek out some handmade gifts for your next occasion. Not only because the amazingly talented people who put their hearts and souls into their craft deserve our support, but because they make bloody good gifts. Give me literally anything from Cobbitty Village Markets over the mass produced stuff you can get from the shops any day!

Alright, that's my public service announcement done (I can totally hear that ad voiceover - "spoken by Christina for the Party of 11"!).

So, I wanted to finish off my markets post with some gift ideas for children. There is a huge selection of children's items at the markets, from toys to clothes to art and craft things. The colourful sand guy and the man who sells plaster painting sets are a huge hit with the junior members of our Party of 11.

Unfortunately however, if the child you have to buy for will settle for nothing less than a Playstation, you might have to look elsewhere!

Lilli and Belle

So, kids love clothes for their birthdays, right?? Well, I know from experience that little girls don't mind at all, particularly when they're as cute and pretty as this selection from Lilli and Belle.

I swear I'm not kidding when I say this - one of my nieces first words was "accessories". She could become the Secretary-General of the UN when she's older and I won't be prouder than I was of that!

If you also have a little accessoriser to buy for, how gorgeous are these hats and headbands, that come in all sorts of colours and designs?

And should you wish to bundle them up with some clothes for a really fantastic present, Lilli and Belle also have you covered as they make a great range of handmade clothes. The harem pant sets are signature items and are too cute, with pretty embellishments like vintage lace, bows and tulle.

Connect with Lilli and Belle on Facebook here.

Hopefully there'll be less world wars with the kids over their clothes with these great pieces!

My Little Daisy

If clothes aren't going to score you any brownie points with your little lady, you need to see the lovely people at My Little Daisy, who hand make everything a girly girl could possibly desire. From pretty dolls to hair things to magic wands!

And if you're celebrating a new arrival, the elephants and little blue deer above would be really sweet gifts. Let's face it, there's only so many Target onesies a new Mum can get excited about!

And finally, these gorgeous cushions that can be made in your choice of fabric. Bugger the kids, I want one!

Visit the My Little Daisy online shop for plenty more ideas here.


Handmade for Kids

When I came across the stall selling these hobby horses, which are a new addition to the markets, I literally gasped. I absolutely loved these horsey's when I was little and if I'd had one of these super fabulous ones, I'd probably still be riding it!

Now, I know we're not supposed to admit this out loud, but anyone who brings one of these to their next Christening, First Birthday or Baby Shower will be sure to win the best present award. Go on, we're all friends here, we can admit that it feels good to be the bearer of the best present at a party. Oh ok, it's the thought that counts. Blah, blah, blah!

So, once you choose to accept, your challenge will be selecting from the large range of colours, patterns, unicorns, zebras, pom poms, fringe and bells available. You can pick one up ready made from the market stall, or have one custom made through the website here. Good luck!


Cards by Joanne

Finally, if you're anything like me, you'll totally forget to buy a card. Particularly if you are too excited about your (unofficial award-winning) gift!
The good news is that you'll surely be reminded once you reach Joanne's handmade card stall at the markets. What a range, covering everything that anyone could possibly be interested in!  


Joanne will also lovingly make your custom cards and invitations, and has a website for that here.  

Personally Joanne, you had me at the Magpies!!


So don't forget the markets is on this Saturday, and the first Saturday of each month - except January and February. Bring cash and leave room for mini donuts!!

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