Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lyn's Hen's Day Adventures in Wonderland {with The Red Star Designs and Antoinette Cakes, Pastries and Desserts}

I'm very excited to share with you a fantastic Hen's Day party held on the weekend for the lovely Lyn, who's getting married soon - obviously!

Lyn and her lovely friends held a Alice in Wonderland themed party, with gorgeous photos taken by Lorraine of Ben Shepherd Photography (Also known as the Baking Mad Gym Addict).

The party had everything a Mad Hatter's Tea Party needs.

Like fun costumes.

A table with the most food I think I've ever seen in one place.

Lots of adventurous tidbits.

And of course, fancy tea!

The striking thing about these photos is how colourful and fun everything is, and how happy everyone looks. And I hope they won't mind me pointing out, everything is handmade and homely. A cause close to my party-loving heart. Well done guys!


Now, if Lyn's afternoon in Wonderland has inspired you, let me get you started.

Cookies, Everywhere

How perfect are these clock biscuits for the Wonderland theme, which are sold as is by Arnotts? They're called Tic Tocs. And then the clever people at Best Recipes went ahead and made tea cups and saucers out of them. Too cute.

Meanwhile, shortcut alert! I spot Arnotts Milk Coffee biscuits with the scalloped edge, decorated with fondant to transform them into playing card bikkies. Great idea.

Eat Me, Drink Me, Take Me Printables 

These printables from The Red Star Designs are similar to the ones used in Lyn's soiree above. And they're fabulous. There's a huge range of Wonderful tags and stickers here.

Cupcakes by Antoinette Cakes, Pastries and Desserts 

While homemade is our thing around here, some special occasions deserve special cakes and treats. And let's face it, there is no shame in outsourcing when there's an opportunity to.

Would you believe it, just by coincidence I came across these cupcakes by Antoinette Cakes, Pastries and Desserts at Cobbitty Village Markets this month. They're perfection!

Antoinette's offers loads of cakes and treats on their website and offers event planning services too, should you require some help with your very important date! So while we're at it, here's some of their non-Alice treats we spied at the market stall as well!


So, now its time for you to go head first down the rabbit hole and have an adventure in party Wonderland. Enjoy!

Thank you to lovely lasses Lyn and Lorraine or um, Alice and the Mad Hatter, for joining the Party of 11 xo

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