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Breakfast fit for a Queen {Baked Scrambled Egg Rolls and Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake Breakfast Trifles}

Where I live, tomorrow we all get a day off work and school for the Queen's Birthday public holiday. And I say long may Her Majesty rule - as long as we all get a long weekend for her birthday!

I understand it's not the Queen's real birthday, just an official one, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't celebrate in style. And, since it is a holiday, the same applies to all of us.

Personally I don't think there's anything more indulgent on a birthday or a holiday than a fancy breakfast. On a regular weekend, there's so much pressure to get up and on with the day. But on a bonus day off like the Queen's Birthday, you have a great excuse to have a leisurely morning. Throw me some eggs, a newspaper and sit me outside on a sunny day and I'm in heaven.

Now, how many of you are thinking that if you were the Queen (or King), you would indulge in a leisurely breakfast every day? Well, you're not and it turns out HRH doesn't. Accordingly to reports leaked out of Buckingham Palace (I know, oooooohhhh!), Her Majesty has toast and jam, and cereal kept in tupperware containers for the royal breakfast each day. Served on this manky tray!

Apparently this says "HRH The Queen & HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's Breakfast Tray" and "Please try and rotate the different patterns with lunches and dinners. When there is a waited meal with either the Queen or the D.O.E or both, if you have enough of a certain type then try and use these please"

Well, that just won't do, especially for a birthday breakfast. So here is my take on a breakfast fit for a Queen (or King!). And it applied to the real one, or us commoners for when we feel like having the royal treatment. Starting off, it's scrambled eggs with ham, tomato, cheese and shallots baked inside a jumbo bread roll. If something there doesn't take your fancy (firstly, what's wrong with you!!), substitute mushrooms, capsicums or other veggies, or leave out what you don't like.

Special mention and thanks to and their Baked Egg Boats.

For a little sweet, it's this Raspberry and Chocolate Cheesecake Breakfast Trifle. Which sounds very unbreakfastlike, but isn't. I layered a chocolate muffin, smashed raspberries, fat-free cheesecake flavoured yoghurt and rolled oats.

Again, if that doesn't take your fancy (firstly, now we know there is definitely something wrong with you!!), use whatever flavoured yoghurt you like and whatever fruit is in season. If you want some suggestions, try a blueberry muffin with honey yoghurt and lemon curd, or banana bread with banoffee pie flavoured yoghurt and strawberries. Or, my good friend The Baking Mad Gym Addict has a recipe for an super healthy apple protein snack, which you could layer with muesli yoghurt. The possibilities are endless!

So, happy Queen's Birthday everyone, especially HRH xo 

Baked Scrambled Egg Rolls (makes 2 rolls)

In case the photos don't convince you, it's a freshly baked crusty bread roll with soft scrambled eggs inside, flavoured with bacon, cheese, tomato and shallots.


2 jumbo soft white bread rolls
3 eggs
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup tasty cheese, plus a small amount for sprinkling
1/3 cup diced ham
1/3 cup (1/2 large) diced tomato
1/3 cup sliced shallots
Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 180C (350F).
  2. Cut a hole into the top of the bread rolls and put out some of the filling, leaving about 2cm on all sides. Place hollowed out rolls on a baking tray and set aside.
  3. In a small jug, whisk eggs, milk, salt and pepper until combined. Stir through bacon, tomato and shallots and cheese.
  4. Pour egg mixture into bread rolls, sprinkle extra cheese and bake for 20-30 minutes.
  5. When the egg mixture is puffed up to the top of the bread rolls, they are ready. (You can see that mine sank back into the rolls when they cooled due to my terrible oven - don't worry, they are still delicious!)

Raspberry and Chocolate Cheesecake Breakfast Trifles (makes 2)

So tasty like this or change up to include what you like. It's your holiday!


1 chocolate muffin
2/3 cup raspberries, plus extra for decoration
2 tubs (340g) Dairy Farmers Thick and Creamy Homestyle Cheesecake Yoghurt (or similar)
1/4 cup rolled oats


  1. Break muffin into pieces and place into the bottom of a glass or bowl. Reserve a small piece of muffin for crumbling over the top.
  2. In a small bowl, mash raspberries with a fork and place over the muffin.
  3. Spoon yoghurt over raspberries and sprinkle with oats.
  4. Crumble leftover muffin over the oats and top with raspberries for decoration. 

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