Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Wednesday Wishlist - Decorated Cookies {including Polka Dot, Newtown}

Top : Sweetopia cookies. Below: Polka Dot cookies.

On the Wednesday Wishlist this week is a skill that I have wanted to master for a very long time. It’s decorated cookies. You know the ones that pop up at nearly every event nowadays in all different colours and designs?
Yeah well, I’m hopeless at it. I’ve studied Youtube videos, read tutorials, stared longingly at other people’s cookies online. Nothing has worked. Especially that staring thing (which was not a euphemism by the way!).

I understand the theory behind it. You mark out your design on the cookie, make a thicker royal icing and outline that design, then you make the icing thinner and "flood" the part you want to fill in with colour. So it’s a mystery as to why I can’t handle it. I was a master colour in-erer in primary school and all. It’s as if my hand just doesn’t understand what my brain is telling it to do!
So anyway, for this week’s wishlist I wanted to arm you with all the information you’ll need to serve gorgeous decorated cookies at your next party. Even if you have to buy them. Just like I do.

Tutorials – Sweetopia

If you want to try and succeed where I have failed, the Sweetopia website by the lovely Marian is by far the best resource for learning how to decorate cookies in interesting shapes and colours. I’m always delighted when a new design is posted to the site, but these recent mixer cookies are beyond!

My baby is immortalised up there on the middle left.

I especially love how generous Marian is with her talent. Many people would want to guard something like this very closely. But it’s pretty clear that she just wants everyone to have a go and learn her art, which is so fantastic.

Check out this video for these gorgeous heart cookies. It's a little late for Valentine's Day I know, but if any of you can make these for me, I'll be all yours - any day of the year!

Supplies – Where else but ebay?

So, if I have convinced you to have a go at your own decorated cookies, the good news is, you don't need that much equipment. You can get cookie cutters from nearly anywhere these days, in all shapes and sizes. And ebay is your best friend. Seriously, get on there, search for a cookie cutter shaped like literally the first thing that comes into your mind, and it can be yours for about $1, including postage! A good piping set will set you back a bit more, but it will see you through many years of cakes and cookie making. Add a baking tray and that's literally all you need.

Here are some suggestions for the cookies you are going to make me!


Buy them – Polka Dot, Newtown

However, if you have tried and struck out like me, you'll need to find a good cookie place and Polka Dot cookies are the best decorated cookies in Sydney. Hands down.

Located in Newtown, Libby has made cookies and cakes for a couple of special occasions in our family. I’ve referred her on to a few friends as well, who’ve also been really happy. .

Libby no longer makes cakes, which is a shame because they were lovely, but you can understand why she chose to concentrate on cookies, because they are amazing.

Vanilla cookies with royal icing can get a bit boring when you’ve had them at a few parties, but the taste of Polka Dot's vanilla cookies are far superior to any others I’ve had. They also do other flavours as well, which I beg you to try out if I'm coming to your party.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and get a biscuit from the kitchen - editing this post has been torture! It'll be a boring old Scotch Finger of course, but it will have to do. Oh, and if you have any tips for me or just want to rub it in, send me pictures of your decorated delights and I'll be happy to show off your work.

Finally, a quick word about The Wednesday Wishlist. This is purely a collection of random finds for a great party. No gifts or payment is received by P11 for including them on the list. If your item is listed above, I'd love to hear from you - and thank you for making and selling such great stuff! 

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