Monday, 11 March 2013

Cheers St Pat !

This week our Party of 11 had our traditional St Pat's Day dinner. Rest assured, we know it's next week, but frankly I'll be too drunk to cook.

While the kids and grandkids of our Party of 11 were born in Australia, our Mum and Dad are Dubs through and through. So, Paddy's Day is always celebrated in our house, either at the parade or the pub, but always with a full Irish dinner too.

Here is the 2013 version.

St Patrick's Day Dinner (for 11 people)

Beer and Honey Bread (thanks to Lulu at Home for the recipe - it was incredible!)
Corned Beef with Parsley Sauce
Cabbage fried with bacon
Roasted balsamic vegetables
Guinness Cake with Irish Whiskey Icing

Beer and Honey Bread to start - lucky we always have a Hahn SuperDry or two in the fridge!

The whole shebang!

Guinness (and Jameson) is good for you - and its good for adding to chocolate cake too! 

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